Thank You!

To all of the supporters of Myfinancialadvice, our employees and contractors, the independent financial advisors that provided objective and affordable advice through our platform and the mainstream consumers who benefited from the advice they received over the last 11 years -- THANK YOU for making Myfinancialadvice an incredible experience and worthwhile journey. I am proud to have created and pursued Myfinancialadvice with you and for you. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to deliver advice through our website and have closed our business. 

I am confident that the financial advisory industry, which is made up of so many fine people who truly want to help others succeed, will continue to expand the profession and innovate to serve the broader market. The good news is that technology and entrepreneurial energy and ideas in the mass market financial advice arena are proliferating and are finally attracting significant venture capital. The "code" for delivering financial advice to the masses has not yet been cracked, but the industry is getting much closer. I believe that most of the pieces are in place to make this happen, which will generate many new businesses, new partnerships and the advisory practices of the future. 

If you have a nascent mass market financial advice business or idea that you want to develop or refine or you have an advisory practice that you want to target to the middle market with next generation technology and marketing tactics, please contact us. My brilliant business partner, Kevin Condon, and I are ready to help. We are now providing our vast knowledge, contacts and experience building and deploying solutions within this exciting space to help you navigate the minefields and get your product or service to market quickly. We look forward to helping this wonderful industry succeed as it embraces the new digital age.


Ron Peremel

Founder & CEO

Myfinancialadvice, Inc.